Information for CE, CSE and EE students about the Course language offered

All of our lectures as well as the excercises are only offered in German.

However, for the modules Datenbanken I (or Datenbanken für Anwender) and Datenbanken II, we may be able to provide additional English material. Nevertheless, the written exam for Datenbanken I (or Datenbanken für Anwender) will be offered in German only. The oral exam for Datenbanken II may be able to be offered in English on request. If you want to take an oral exam, you have to inform yourself about registration in your students office AND afterwards request a specific appointment per E-mail.

Regarding the other courses, no English material is available that covers the whole topic of the lectures. Therefore, these courses can only be studied in German. The exams are also offered in German only.

More information is available here.

The German website of this course you can find here.