Beaver Book 1

6. Edition

  • Authors: Saake, Gunter; Sattler, Kai-Uwe; Heuer, Andreas
  • Title: Datenbanken - Konzepte und Sprachen
  • Hardback edition: 800 pages
  • Publisher: mitp;
  • Edition: 6. revised edition 2018 (April 30th, 2018)
  • Language: german
  • ISBN-10: 3958457762
  • ISBN-13: 978-3958457768
  • Additional information:

5. Edition

  • Authors: Saake, Gunter , Sattler, Kai-Uwe und Heuer, Andreas
  • Title: Datenbanken - Konzepte und Sprachen
  • Hardback edition: 784 pages
  • Publisher: mitp;
  • Edition: 5. revised edition 2013 (February 21th, 2013)
  • Language: german
  • ISBN-10: 3826694538
  • ISBN-13: 978-3826694530
Short Discription

Databases are one of the most important areas of information technology and thanks to Big Data, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things & Co., more and more data must be managed efficiently, analysed with high performance and output sensibly. The book deals systematically and well-founded with the most important concepts and languages that play a role in the use of database systems and the development of database applications. The basics of relational databases are explained comprehensively. The authors also discuss theory, design methods and language concepts for relational databases, including the detailed treatment of SQL. Furthermore, alternatives and extensions of database models are presented. A continuous sample application provides a valuable practical reference and helps you to better understand the underlying theoretical concepts. Summaries and exercises at the end of each chapter also facilitate self-study and enable you to optimally prepare for the exam. The book is suitable as a textbook for students of computer science and related subjects, but also for users and developers who want to find out more about current database technology. Additional chapters are available as free downloads.

Table of Contents


  • Basic concepts
  • Relational databases - data in tables

Part 1: Core concepts of relational databases

  • Architectures of database systems
  • The Entity Relationship Model
  • Relation Model and Relation Algebra
  • Phases of database design
  • Relational database design
  • The relational database language SQL

Part 2: Advanced concepts for relational databases

    Advanced relational database design
    Basics of relational queries
    Advanced concepts of SQL
    Other relational database languages
    Transactions, Integrity & Triggers
    database application development
    Access Control & Privacy

Part 3: Advanced Database Models and Techniques

  • Multimedia data
  • Spatial and temporal data
  • Object-oriented and object-relational models
  • XML, XQuery and SQL/XML
  • NoSQL databases
  • Graph Databases

Appendix A: Current example

Appendix B: Additional chapters

  • Historical Models
  • Advanced design models
  • Extended models and inquiry algebras
  • Object-oriented and object-relational models
  • Tutorial D ECA Rules and Active Databases
  • Basic database techniques (to be completed by 31.7.18)
  • SQL/JSON (follows until 31.7.18)