Beaver Book 2

4. Edition

  • Authors: Saake, Gunter, Sattler, Kai-Uwe und Heuer, Andreas
  • Title: Datenbanken - Implementierungstechniken 
  • Hardback edition: 736 pages
  • Publisher: mitp; 
  • Edition: 4. edition 2019 (June 26th 2019)
  • Language: german
  • ISBN-10: 3958457797
  • ISBN-13: 3958457797
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3. Edition

  • Authors: Saake, Gunter, Sattler, Kai-Uwe und Heuer, Andreas
  • Title: Datenbanken - Implementierungstechniken
  • Hardback edition: 644 pages
  • Publisher: mitp;
  • Edition: 3. revised edition 2012 (November 10th 2011)
  • Language: german
  • ISBN-10: 3826691563
  • ISBN-13: 978-3826691560
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Short Discription

This book covers concepts and techniques for implementing database systems that are the core component of information systems today. It focuses on the architectural principles and internals of DBMS such as data structures and algorithms for the management of external storage, the realization of storage and index structures, query processing and optimization, transaction management, and database recovery in case of failure. The book is the next volume of the basic work "Databases - Concepts and Languages" by the same authors. Both books together cover all essential aspects of database systems that are relevant for a student of computer science or related subjects in the bachelor's area and at the same time offer the user or developer in-depth background information on current database technologies. The third edition of this book deals with current developments in storage media (such as flash drives), alternative storage models, processing data warehouse queries, query optimizers and transaction models.

Table of Contents


    Tasks and principles of database systems
    Architecture of database systems

Part 1: Memory models and access paths

    Background memory management
    buffer management
    File organization and access structures
    Special index structures

Part 2: Inquiry processing

    Basic algorithms for database operations
    Optimization of requests
    Logical Optimization
    Internal optimization and cost-based plan selection

Part 3: Transaction Processing and Recovery

    transaction models
    transaction management
    Recovery and backup

Part 4: Current developments

    Modern database system architectures

Appendix: Current example